Therapy in English in Barcelona

Looking for therapy in English in Barcelona?

Taking the step to go to see a therapist may certainly be difficult. If, in addition, you cannot speak your own language, it just may not work for you. To make the best of therapy you need to express yourself, not only in your own terms, but in your own language. You don´t have to worry anymore looking for an english speaking therapist. You just found it.


I may not have the best accent, but we´ll sure understand each other.


In therapy you´ll find a non-judgemental space for you to explore any aspects of yourself and your life, in order to identify what is causing you harm and how you decide to change it, always bearing in mind your personal values.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Assertiveness
  • Homesickness
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Anger management
  • Fear management
  • Bereavement (grief)
  • Life changes such as divorce, job changes, accidents, etc…
  • Emotional training

Frequently asked questions about psychology

The orientative fee suggested by the Official Psychologist College of Catalunya es around 60 euros for 1 hour individual therapy session. It can differ since the price is up to the therapist. Anyway, the collegeship of the professional it is fundamental, since garantees not just his/her proper preparation but his legal coberture.
Reasons to see a psychologist are several: You don´t feel well and it affects on one or more areas of your life ( partners, family, friends, profession,…) You´re living a delicate time and you want a therapy process to help you face it, either a big challenge, mourning, a break up or a deep loss… You feel unsatisfied with your life and want to make changes to feel happier. You want to do a self-knowledge process to have a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions, as well as your values and beliefs. You often feel insecure and low self-steem. You´re currently on a pharmacological and you want to combine it with therapy. Another professional such as a doctor or any other health profesional has advised you to see a psychologist.
Sure you can. In fact, changing is something inherent to our nature. Therapy will help you to identify and have a deeper comprehension of your emotions and thoughts, so you can change whatever you want with both awareness and responsibility.
Therapy creates a non judgmental meeting space, in which you can express yourself as you truly feel, and always free to deal (or not) with whatever you decide, in your own terms. So by speaking and doing several tasks, we´ll work together to achieve the set goals.
The length of a therapy process varies according to the demand peculiarities, the session´s frequency, the patient´s implication or the ambition of the goals. In general, the ideal frequency is 1 hour once a week sessions.
Psychofarmachology is only for psychiatrist to be used, based on their medical formation. However, psychologist have knowledge and formation to understand their use and supplement its effects with therapy. We must remember though psychodrugs is a very useful tool, even indispensable sometimes, have its optimal effect in combination with therapy that will help the patient, not just to control the symptoms, but to change deeply from within.
Yes. Speaking your own language is crucial to establish a good communication in therapy. I can see patients in English or in Spanish. I may not have the best accent, but we´ll sure understand each other. Is it for any age?
Although therapy is suitable for any age, in my case I see adolescent patients (from 14 and on) and adults.

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